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Inpatient Opioid Detoxification – Part II

Some patients elect to do what is called a “non-opioid” detoxification.  This can be accomplished as an outpatient as well as via inpatient opioid detoxification. Just like it sounds, with this type of treatment, opioids are not used to taper the patient off of their opioid of abuse.  Instead, the patient stops “cold turkey”, and the withdrawal symptoms are managed with symptomatic medications (as discussed in the “Outpatient Opioid Detoxification”

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Inpatient Opioid Detoxification – Part I

Blogging on hurricane day in New York City. There are actually three different ways to taper off of opioids: 1. Suboxone taper (discussed in the previous blog) 2. Methadone taper 3. Non-opioid detoxification Most people know methadone as the medication that is given at a clinic as a daily dose for opioid dependence.  However, it is also used for inpatient opioid detoxification.  It is illegal to use methadone for outpatient

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Outpatient Opioid Detoxification

In drug and alcohol detoxification, a medication is given that is the same or similar to the drug being abused.  The initial dose is tapered up until withdrawal symptoms are alleviated.  The medication is then given in tapering doses down over a specified period of time. Suboxone is a unique opioid that is used for outpatient detoxification.  Suboxone only partially stimulates the opioid receptor – i.e. it is a “partial

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Opioid Withdrawal

Opioids are the category of drugs that include Heroin, Percocet, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Lortab, Tylenol with Codeine, and Ultram.  Technically speaking, Ultram is not an opioid.  The pharmaceutical companies developed and marketed Ultram as a non-narcotic alternative to the other drugs mentioned.  However, it does act at the opioid mu receptor.  I see patients that abuse Ultram and become addicted to it. Symptoms and signs of opioid withdrawal, ranging from mild

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What is Medical Detoxification from Drugs and Alcohol?

Detoxification is medically supervised withdrawal.  Alcohol and many drugs have a characteristic withdrawal syndrome – i.e. – a characteristic set of signs and symptoms – that develop when the substance is taken away.  Withdrawal symptoms can range from uncomfortable to life threatening.  In medical detoxification, a drug that is the same or similar to the one being abused is started at a high milligram dose, then gradually tapered down to

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