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CBT for Substance Use Disorders – Part III

One of the key components of CBT is the “functional analysis”. In a functional analysis, the following are identified before and after each episode of drug and alcohol use: Triggers Thoughts Feelings Behaviors Positive consequences Negative consequences A functional analysis is done together in sessions, as well as individually by the patient outside of sessions. The idea behind the functional analysis is that if patients understand their behavior, and remember

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CBT for Substance Use Disorders – Part II

I teach patients that the time period in between substance craving and substance use is critical. Cravings will progress to relapse unless an intervention is made. There are a few specific CBT interventions that are used: 1.Going with the craving Many patients are surprised to learn that cravings are actually time limited. Cravings start, intensify, reach a peak intensity, decrease, then finally resolve. Understanding that cravings are time limited gives

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Substance Use Disorders – Part I

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, can be a very effective treatment for drug and alcohol dependence.  CBT is based on social learning theory.  The assumption is that patients learn how to use drugs and alcohol.  Because this is a learned behavior, it can eventually be “unlearned”.  CBT is called cognitive therapy because that is exactly what it is – patients think their way out of cravings and potential substance use with

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